There’s More to Just Having an Ecommerce Website Online

A conventional website is one that offers information about your business and other services. But, an ecommerce website is totally different than a normal website as it is used to accomplish one important thing and that is to induce the visitors to make purchases from the website. If you would like to make a lot of visitors make purchases in your website, then you need to think about a lot of selling principles and to make a well organized, user friendly, intuitive and attractive website. There are more things that you need to concentrate on an ecommerce website design than just the basic shopping cart. You will have to create categories and subcategories of products and list all the products so that visitors will be able to easily find out the product that they need and make the payment for the product.

Well Laid Website

The first important thing you need to concentrate on when designing an ecommerce website to sell your products and services is to have a well laid out website. You should deign your website bearing in mind that customers love to shop and are looking for a great shopping experience when they are visiting your website. Make sure that the shopping experience is not tedious and difficult as visitors will soon look for other ecommerce websites to shop. Design your website and make it look trustworthy by providing details of the owner of the website and why the products and services offered by your website can be trusted.

Important Design Aspects

The following are some of the most important design aspects you need to concentrate on to bring out a very good ecommerce website online.

• Attractive, user friendly and informative so that the customers come back for more
• Layout of the site must be in a simple and easy to use manner so that the customer does not find it difficult to shop for the desired products.
• Add a feedback form on your website and ask your customer to share their experience using the website.
• Listing of stock levels of the products on the website will let know whether a product is out of stock or not or how many more of the product are left for sale.
• Adding filters and search bars on your website will help customers to find products quickly and easily.
• Adding social media links to every page will allow customers to share the products sold on your website and you have chances of improving visitors to your website.
• All product descriptions and pages in your ecommerce website must incorporate SEO and should link your pages back and forth to improve your page ranking on popular search engines.


The most important thing that you need to remember is to make your website visible online. A customer will only be able to visit your ecommerce store if it is visible. Hence, optimization of the website is the key. Try to get your website on the first page of search engine results to get more traffic to your website and hiring a good ecommerce designer can make your website look visible online.