Introduction to E-Commerce Web Design

The world has shifted dramatically in the last 10 years. Many people now make more than half their purchases online and even those that don’t purchase online often research purchases online before ever entering the store. E-commerce and web design more commonly determine whether a visitor to your website will buy, or visit the brick-and-mortar location, or whether it will be ignored in favor of a store with a better online presence.

What is e-commerce and web design?

In today’s society e-commerce is the ultimate convenience. People can shop from their homes on desk tops, or anywhere they please on lap tops, tablets, and smart phones. E-commerce allows them to do this through online shopping that offers a variety of shipping possibilities and time frames. Ten years ago, any website that offered this ability was on top of the world, they didn’t need anything too fancy. Now that every major retail store—and a fair few of the small ones—in the United States has this ability, something must now make the stand apart from the crowd.

A simple website with no graphic interest, and just a photo, short description, and a price probably won’t sell much these days. Good web design is what now sets one website above another. We are a society motivated by visual design, and this is where web design and e-commerce meet.

Why web design is important to e-commerce

When you take a new boutique, add a cool paint color, some interesting art, drapes, good lighting, and create an easy traffic flow, you will see business pick up. It’s all about the atmosphere, when customers feel comfortable in their surroundings, when they know where to find things, they are more likely to buy. This same idea applies to e-commerce websites as well. Add an interesting color scheme, cool graphics, interactive features, with an easy to navigate page, business will boom. Since most people will probably see the website before they visit the store, this is where brand development starts. A professional well put together store needs the same in its website, they should be reflections of one another.

E-commerce and web design are the new playing fields of the competitive. Each advance changes the game just a little and creates customer interest. The internet allows companies to reach markets far beyond the physical reach of their retail stores, their website should reflect the image of the store to further the brand.