E-commerce takes Sales to the Next Level

For hundreds of years brick-and-mortar stores were the only stores. Not anymore. Now with online only outlets like Amazon, the online marketplace is quickly becoming more popular as more products are being offered online.

Convenience of E-commerce

Online buying offers convenience that doesn’t exist elsewhere. Customers buy online and have items shipped directly to home. This can be especially useful with large items, because many people have transitioned to fuel efficient cars purchases like furniture are more difficult than ever. Direct shipping takes the guess work out of whether or not it will fit in the trunk. Everything from headphones to plasma TV’s and sofas are offered online.

When a brick-and-mortar store branches out into the e-commerce world, they open up new sales opportunities and untapped revenue that they couldn’t get through any other means. Just like with advertising, the more people that are reached, the more traffic, the more sales. For smaller chains that are only in part of the United States for instance, e-commerce allows those chains to make sales all over the country. Many retail chains have online exclusive items that would be difficult or costly to stock at the retail stores but can easily be kept at the distribution center.

100% Online

Recently e-commerce has become more accessible for small business as well. A great example is the online shop cooperative, Etsy, which has introduced the world to the charm of thousands of small businesses. Most of them are individually owned and operated, and without Etsy would have very little reach beyond their immediate area. Several of Etsy’s shop owners operate solely through online orders making e-commerce their only commerce.

Etsy has proven that you do not need to be an internet giant like Amazon to succeed in the online market. These two, one made up of thousands of individual owner/operators and the other an independent online retailer, have one major thing in common. They are 100% online. Amazon, one of the worlds largest companies and as synonymous with online shopping as Google is with search engines, has no public physical locations. Amazon delivers straight to your home and sales any and everything, recently adding products as “add-ons” that would be too expensive, due to their very low prices, to ship otherwise.

If a company like Amazon is able to be successful being e-commerce only, the possibilities for a company that takes to the internet to increase sales are endless.